Modern living spaces look at balancing the aesthetics with the utility aspect. Granite countertops for kitchens and bathrooms fit the bill with their rich look and sturdiness. But that’s not all! There are more benefits of granite that make it a good choice for a home remodeling project. We’ve listed 7 of them.

Heavy-duty appearance

Granite has a strong fabric. Formed over a million years through natural processes, it is one of the strongest natural building materials. It doesn’t blister, chip, crack or scratch easily. Granite countertops can bear significant amounts of weight making them very functional. Needless to say, they are highly durable and that is one of the benefits of granite you must take advantage of. Despite its firmness, granite can be molded into desired shapes.

Natural status

Granite or quartz is a naturally occurring stone; it is crystallized magma. The main constituent is quartz; hence the alternate name. The other elements are feldspar and mica. Granite is mined from deposits below the earth surface. So, it is available in abundance.

Cooking conveniences

Granite is heat resistant. This is one of the benefits of granite for high-temperature areas such as kitchens. A hot saucepan put down accidentally won’t damage its surface. However, one must use a trivet or stand. The fact that it does not retain heat and its cool touch also allows you to roll the dough for pastries and bread directly on the granite surface.

Wipe away stains 

Kitchens and bathrooms take on a lot of oil, grime and moldy build up. You won’t have to scrub away if you have granite countertops. The fit athletic requirements are sponge, water and mild detergent. Besides, applying a sealant takes care of water damage and staining. The surfaces must be sealed periodically, once or twice a year, to keep your granite countertops looking great.


The use of a sealant waterproofs the surface of the granite countertop. This prevents the growth of bacteria and mold creating a hygienic and healthy work top.

Stunning look

Probably, the biggest benefit of granite is its look. It has a very luxurious character and adds oomph to the area where it is fitted. Granite countertops are available in a range of colors from subtle, earthy hues like light grey and beige to deep tones such as black, red and green.

There is a great choice in patterns too. There are swirls, speckles and veins. The distribution is so unique, that it is hard to find two slabs of stone that look alike. It is the reason why you need to purchase the entire slab from the same quarry at the same time. It might be hard to get a similar shade and grain pattern at a later date. Engineered quartz has a more uniform appearance in grains and veining.

You can also choose from among different textures. There are polished slabs with a shiny surface as well as honed granite with a matte surface. The distribution of elements will determine how reflective the surface is. This versatility in colors, textures and grain patterns gives you more freedom to use the material to fit the rest of your décor.

To get the right color for your space, don’t see a sample; look at an actual slab of the granite.

Adds Value

Granite as a building material never depreciates in value. Having granite countertops fitted around the house might make your home more enticing to potential buyers. Check out here temecula facial oral surgery.
So, granite countertops are not just for high-end homes with showcase kitchens. There are affordable varieties you can choose from and give your home its much needed makeover. If you are looking to cut costs on the installation, you can choose granite tiles instead of a granite slab for your countertop.