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Countertops and Vanities in Louisville, KY

A Countertop for Every Dream Kitchen
(or Bar, Bathroom, et al.)

Flooring and Granite Designs is proud to deliver its customers a wide variety of countertop options.


Granite: Timeless & Durable

Granite remains the most popular natural stone countertop today because of it’s beauty, variety, durability, and heat resistance. We offer nearly every available option, from the more common to the exotic.

Quartz: Technological Sophistication

Quartz countertops are manufactured to provide (or improve upon) all the usage benefits of granite while providing a vast palette, from natural stone appearances to more modern monotones, to match any space or style preference. Flooring and Granite Designs features Cosentino, HanStone, Mont, and more.

Butcher Block: Utility and Beauty

Perfect for island, bar, and table tops, butcher block also looks great crowning many modern cabinet styles in both commercial and residential spaces. We are able to provide custom butcher block for every application; in any species, any length or width, and any thickness.

Laminate: Classic and Economical

Versatile and affordable, laminate has been a mainstay countertop product for many years, and it likely will be for years to come.

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